The photo below shows an Orbital Sander being tested in our laboratories for hand arm vibration according to the ISO-8662 Standards. Tests are performed in our laboratories using the B&K 3560 Pulse Analyzer and our calibrated B&K 4321Triaxial Accelerometer rigid mounted to the tool (sound power testing was also performed for the same tool using the PN8NTC1 European Standard).

Instrumentation Inventory

  • B&K 3560 Pulse multi analyzer system, 8 channels with advanced analysis package
  • B&K 3550 8 channel and B&K 2032 dual channel FFT spectrum analyzers
  • B&K 2133 dual channel real time digital filter analyzer
  • B&K 2143 portable real time analyzer
  • B&K 2123 acoustics analyzer with high frequency option
  • B&K 4435 statistical acoustics analyzer with 4184 outdoor microphone
  • B&K 3544 laser vibration pickup, 8202 and 8203 instrumented hammers, 4808 and 4809 electrodynamic shakers
  • B&K 7698 Sound Quality Program
  • Analysis software: SMS Star Modal, Vibrant ME Scope, B&K Sound Intensity Mapping, National Instruments Labview
  • Transducers: B&K 1/2" and 1/4" measurement microphones, B&K accelerometers from 1 pC/g to 310pC/g, and B&K microphone power supplies and charge amps
  • Calibrators: B&K 3541, 4220, 4230, 4231, and 4294

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